About Fatherly Prime

Fatherly Prime is a growing subscription bundle that provides the models, data, reporting, and tools to help parents make better decisions and lead more fulfilled lives. The bundle, for now, consists of three weekly newsletters:

  • Executive Decisions: Thoughtful risk analysis of major, timely parenting decisions.

  • Bank of Dad: A no-bullshit guide to finances for families. 

  • 24 Hour Parent People: Accessible insights on how to better connect with your kid and your partner from a guy who’s read all the books and regularly talks to all the experts.

We’ve workshopped these franchises and they’re now ready for prime time. Furthermore, we have many, many more great ideas and resources to bring to you and as we develop them, we’ll add them to your subscription at no extra costs, with no extra ads or disruptive units. 

Because we believe that parents can enjoy the best lives and raise the best kids with the best information. We hope this family of newsletters is an effective way to do just that. Think of Fatherly Prime as an addition to your family — a cousin-in-law who is equal parts knowledgeable and down-to-Earth. Someone who is there to watch your kids while you go on a date night and who hands you a really good book right when you need it.Subscribe


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